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The Plotter ArtTM Seamless Texture Tile Collection Volume 2 includes 600 beautiful, highly detailed images on DVD-ROM and a 48 page, full color printed User Guide and Image Catalog.
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The Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tile Collection Volume 2 includes 600 beautiful, highly detailed images on DVD-ROM and a 48 page, full color printed User Guide and Image Catalog.

Each image has been carefully created with the primary aim of being used as a design component in the creation of high resolution designs for print or for print and cut production. Most of the images include extensive use of lighting and three dimensional effects which provide a level of complexity, depth, detail and realism that will make your designs come alive.

Because each image is a seamless texture tile, they are ideal for creating larger backgrounds and fills for wraps and other design needs. Tiles are simply placed next to one another to create as large a high resolution background as needed for your design. The join points, or seams, are not visible even in huge prints.


600 High Resolution Seamless Texture Tiles
for Creating Super Large Backgrounds and Fills
in Eye Catching, Realistic Detail

All images are uniform in size, 3600 x 3600 pixels, and will repeat seamlessly in your favorite image editing program. Most images will tile seamlessly on all four sides. A small percentage are limited by their design to tiling only horizontally or only vertically. All images are mastered as Photoshop files and then used to create first generation JPG or PNG files for your ease of use. Most images are provided as Maximum Quality JPG files while those which utilize transparency are provided as PNG files.

Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tiles are intended for use in systems designed for printing with process colors. They are fully suitable for all forms of process color printing and for incorporating into larger designs.

The collection size totals almost 2.5 GB of data and is provided on DVD-ROM with a 48 page full color printed user guide.
All images in the collection may be viewed online.

All tiles
in the collection
3,600 x 3,600

When related to resolution
12" x 12" @ 300 PPI

36" x 36" @ 100 PPI
50" x 50" @ 72 PPI


Collection Contents
Building Materials
Decorator Glass Frosted Glass Glass Block Half Painted Metal Plate Metalized Block Old Siding Spilled Paint Stained Glass Steel Bars Steps Stucco Stucco Cracked Venetian Blinds Wartorn Wall Wicker Wire Fence Wood Shingles

Argyle Burlap Canvas Camouflage Natural Camouflage Quilted Camouflage Denim Drapery Leather Upholstery Plaid Quilt

Boilerplate Bumped Metal 1 & 2 Celtic Knots (Jewelry) Chain (Jewelry) Corrugated Metal Diamondplate 4 Engine Turn Large Engine Turn Small Foil Molten Metal Punched Metal

Coins Film Strips Food Mud Splatter Parchment Bonus Shadow-Highlight Overlay

Abalone Crystals Explosions Fire Gemstone Ore Gold Ore Grass Hair Leather Mud Puddles Sky Snakeskin Tiger

Burlwood Rough Wood Miscellaneous Wood


Some of the images in the Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tile Volume Two Collection were created in whole or in part using Filter Forge, a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to build your own filters or to use filters available from the Filter Forge library of filters supplied by various, talented artists.

To learn more, visit FilterForge.com.

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