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Magnum Magnetic Sheeting By The Foot - White

Magnum Magnetic Sheeting By The Foot - White
Magnum Magnetic Sheeting By The Foot - White
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High quality magnetic sheeting made by Magnum Magnetics is ready for vinyl lettering and silk screen inks. 30 Mil Thickness. Order By The Foot.
Roll Width: 24"
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Product Details
Looking for a versatile and reliable magnetic sheeting solution to meet your business needs? Look no further than Magnum Magnetic Sheeting by the Foot. This premium magnetic sheeting is 30 mils thick, making it the perfect choice for any business or individual looking to create custom signs, displays, or promotional materials that can be easily updated and changed as needed.

Available by the foot, making it easy to order exactly the right amount for your project. And with a smooth white surface, this sheeting is ideal for applying custom graphics or text to create eye-catching designs that are sure to grab attention.

But that's not all – this magnetic sheeting is also incredibly easy to work with. Whether you're cutting it down to size or applying it to a surface, you'll appreciate the simple and straightforward application process. And with its durable construction, you can be confident that your signs and displays will look great for years to come.

So why wait? Whether you're looking to create custom promotions for your business or simply need a reliable and flexible magnetic sheeting solution for your personal projects, Magnum Magnetic Sheeting by the Foot is the perfect choice. So why not give it a try today and see for yourself why it's the go-to choice for so many businesses and individuals alike?

High quality sheeting made by Magnum Magnetics is ready for vinyl lettering and silk screen inks.

Sold by the continuous foot. Enter the amount of feet you want, we send it to you in a continuous roll. Units = Feet

Storing Flexible Magnet
  • Store in a clean, dry place.
  • Store rolled magnet on end to keep it from developing flat spots.
  • Store rolled magnet on end with the printed or vinyl side out.
Preparing Magnetic-Receptive Surfaces
  • Before affixing a magnetic sheet to a metal surface, be sure all surface paints, clear coats, and waxes are cured.*
  • Clean the metallic surface and the magnet with mild detergent.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth or allow to dry.
*(Approximate curing times: paint - 90 days; clear coat - 60 days; wax - 2 days.)

Applying Flexible Magnet
  • Before applying, test all inks and paints used on the magnet for adhesion and solvent compatibility.
  • Affix to smooth, flat, or gently curved metallic surfaces.
  • Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface. Do not place over protrusions (molding, decals, pin striping, etc.) or concave areas. There must be NO air pockets.
  • The magnet should be at a room temperature of 60 degrees F (16 degrees C) or above to achieve the best results.
  • Do not apply a magnet curled with the magnet side out. The magnet may not attach properly to the metallic surface, resulting in lifted corners or air gaps, weakening its holding strength. Follow the instructions for Storing Flexible Magnets.
  • If you place the magnet in the wrong position, completely remove it from the surface and reaffix it. Lift at sides and not at corners to remove. Do not pull the magnet across the surface, or it may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength.
  • Do NOT use on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as automobile hoods), temperatures exceeding 160 degrees F (71 degrees C), or temperatures below -15 degrees F (-26 degrees C). Exposure to cold weather will make the magnet more brittle, so use caution when handling it.
  • Long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to sunlight (such as vehicles) can result in uneven surface fading because the magnet-covered area is shielded from ultraviolet rays.
  • Do NOT use it on non-metallic body fillers, simulated wood grain siding, and repainted surfaces.

NOTE: Doors and panels on some vehicles are not made of steel. This product will not work on aluminum and plastic surfaces.

  • We recommend rounded corners for magnetic vehicle signage.
Cleaning Flexible Magnet
  • Remove the magnet at regular intervals to guard against moisture and dirt buildup between the magnet and the metal surface (particularly on outdoor applications). Clean the magnet and metal surface with mild detergent; wipe with a soft cloth or air-dry. (For vehicle-mounted signs, remove and clean DAILY.)
  • After waxing and polishing, allow two days for wax to cure before applying magnets.

Magnum Magnetics, we produced in the United States at two Ohio manufacturing facilities.

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Magnetic sheets

"Magnetic sheets"

Eric Lewis-Dixon on 5/2/2024 8:49:50 AM

Comments: First time ordering the magnetic sheets. The magnet is very strong, we use this material for signs being put on vehicles. Some magnetic strips are not very good but this one is very strong I recommend anyone using magnetic strips to get it from h and h.

Super Mag Material.

"Super Mag Material."

Robert Niemietz on 7/29/2022 9:57:34 PM

Comments: this is the mag material to use. Works really well.

Magnetic Material

"Magnetic Material"

Kim Normington on 9/27/2021 7:49:50 PM

Comments: I have been using this material for years and am very happy with it. We recently tried the pre-cut size and it makes assembly much easier.

Wonderful Magnet

"Wonderful Magnet"

Michelle Wilcox on 2/15/2021 9:50:43 AM

Comments: I ordered 6 feet for car magnets and it is easy to cut by hand and adding my vinyl logo on it I will be buying more when I go through what I have

Works great

"Works great"

Michael Comer on 11/27/2020 7:28:35 AM

Comments: Easy to apply vinyl to. Easy to cut to size and apply.

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