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CJV150 Printer/Cutter

CJV150 Printer/Cutter
The Mimaki CJV150 print and cut machine is a top-of-the-line printing system that offers exceptional performance, quality, and versatility for businesses looking to produce high-quality prints. It is equipped with advanced cutting tools that make it possible to cut intricate designs and shapes with ease, making it an excellent choice for businesses that specialize in producing signage, decals, and other promotional materials. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the key features and benefits of this printing system:


  • 8 color printing capability: The Mimaki CJV150 series is equipped to print with up to 8 colors, which means you can produce high-quality prints with exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy. The orange ink option allows you to create vibrant and vivid colors that stand out.
  • High resolution up to 1440 dpi: The Mimaki CJV150 series boasts a high resolution of up to 1440 dpi, which means you can produce incredibly sharp and detailed prints that look stunning even up close. The high resolution also makes it possible to print small text, fine lines, and intricate designs with exceptional clarity.
  • Fast print speeds up to 604.9 SqFt/Hr: In addition to its exceptional print quality, the Mimaki CJV150 series is also equipped with fast print speeds, which means you can produce more prints in less time. This is particularly useful for businesses with high-volume printing needs or tight deadlines.
  • Excellent media compatibility: The Mimaki CJV150 series is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including vinyl, fabric, film, and more. This means you can print on a variety of materials, opening up new business opportunities and allowing you to offer a wider range of services to your customers.
  • Multiple ink options: The Mimaki CJV150 series offers multiple ink options, including eco-solvent, solvent, and dye sublimation inks. This gives you added versatility and allows you to choose the best ink type for your specific printing needs.


  • Exceptional print quality: With its advanced features and high-quality inks, the Mimaki CJV150 series produces prints that are sure to impress. The prints are accurate, vibrant, and long-lasting, which means your customers will be satisfied with the quality of your work.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: The fast print speeds and advanced features of the Mimaki CJV150 series make it possible to produce more prints in less time, which can help increase productivity and efficiency in your business.
  • Expanded printing capabilities: The Mimaki CJV150 series offers exceptional versatility, which means you can print on a wide range of substrates and offer your customers a wider range of services. This can help you expand your business and attract new customers.
  • Long-lasting prints: The Mimaki CJV150 series uses high-quality inks that resist fading and weathering, which means your prints will look great for longer. This is particularly useful for outdoor signage and vehicle wraps, which need to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Upgrade to the Mimaki CJV150 series today and experience the power of this remarkable printing solution!

Price: $8,995.00
The Mimaki CJV150-75 is a compact sign printing machine that produces high-quality prints up to 32 inches wide. Ideal for small businesses, it's easy to use and delivers accurate and consistent results. Order yours today and experience the power of Mimaki technology!
Price: $12,995.00
Meet the Mimaki CJV150-130 - a high-performance printer and cutter that delivers exceptional print quality and precision cutting. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it perfect for businesses looking to take their printing capabilities to the next level. Whether you need to print banners, stickers, or custom labels, the Mimaki CJV150-130 has got you covered with fast and efficient printing and eco-solvent ink system for vivid and long-lasting colors.
Price: $13,995.00
The Mimaki CJV150-160 is a versatile and high-performance printer/cutter that delivers exceptional print quality. Its user-friendly interface, fast print speeds, and low running costs make it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes looking to create stunning graphics, signs, banners, and more.

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