Plunger pump oil intake and return process


Feed process

After the turn CAM convex part of the past, under the action of spring force, plunger downward movement, fortress of column space (called the oil pump room) to produce vacuum degree, when the column inserting end face on the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, full of politeness in the oil pump, oil passage for diesel is entered into the oil pump room, oil hole plunger movement to the next check point, the end of the feed

The oil return process

Plunger upward oil supply, when the upward to the plunger on the chute (stop supply side) and the return oil hole on the sleeve is connected, the low-pressure oil channel of the oil pump chamber will communicate with the middle hole and radial hole of the plunger head and the chute, oil pressure drops suddenly, the oil outlet valve is quickly closed under the action of spring force, stop the oil supply. Then the plunger will go up, and when the CAM's bulge turns around, the plunger will go down again under the action of the spring. This is where the next cycle begins.

Plunger pump with a plunger principle is introduced, a plunger pump has two one-way valve, and in the opposite direction, the plunger to appear negative pressure in cylinder when one direction, then a check valve to open the liquid be inhaled in cylinder, plunger to another direction, to squeeze the liquid after another one-way valve is opened, drawn into the cylinder's liquid is expelled. Continuous motion in this way of working results in a continuous supply of oil.

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