High pressure plunger pump service life


To prevent the remaining water from freezing. Do not place the equipment in an environment with temperature below 0 ° C.

Flush, the high pressure plunger pump washer is powered by the device to remove dirt. The daily maintenance method of the high-pressure plunger pump cleaning machine is as follows:

Clean the water pipe and the inside of the equipment to prevent rust and impurities before use;

Sand and other impurities in water are strictly prohibited; Use clean tap water directly from the faucet to the machine.

Oil must always be in the tank. Use 10# or higher quality diesel fuel. Water and impurities are strictly prohibited;

Turn off the hot water first and execute the switch sequence. Continue flushing until the equipment is completely cooled before turning off the cold water;

The equipment power supply is 380V50HZ yellow/green wire requiring grounding;

Water pump lubrication: the amount of lubricating oil in the water pump shall not be less than the oil level of the red count in the center of the oil window;

Change the oil in the next 1000 hours; Oil must be changed after the first 50 hours of operation.

Nozzle wear is unavoidable due to high pressure plunger pump operating environment. Therefore, it is also necessary to replace in time, the appropriate reduction of pressure can extend the service life of nozzle and high pressure plunger pump water pipe;

Frequently flush the scale deposited in the inlet pipe;

The diesel filter should be replaced or cleaned in time;

Remove the remaining diesel oil and clean the fuel tank: unscrew the bottom oil drain nut. Flush the tank with clean diesel oil, then tighten the drain nut.

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